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Make yourself familiar with my services that I provide to create your professional and modern website that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs.

Your website, your design

This motto summerizes perfectly how I can support you with the marketing of your idea: your website is individually designed for you by me. Excactly according to your targets, your personality and other important key factors like branch, theme, usability and readability, color harmony etc.

Besides these aspects, much value is given to a holistic design concept for all common screen ratios (smartphone, tablet, desktop). Thus, your website makes really a round picture.

All this design criteria will be defined in a consultation meeting before creating the website for you.


Individual design Vinzenz Stauner Web Development

Modern implementation

Modern implementation Vinzenz Stauner Web Development

The internet is just like New York - it never sleeps. New features are developed with a great speed that opens up new possibilities to users every single day. That's why it is good to have a website that is created with the latest techniques und programming languages and that uses the advantages of a modern, modular and object oriented design. Thus your website stays fit for the future and new functions can be integrated faster and easier.

Among others, I create your website in the languages HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, jQuery and Javascript. Database queries are implemented with the latest interfaces such as PDO to access dynamic content like image galleries and guest book entries fast and more important: secure!


Intelligent functions

Just like as unique as you are, the content and the targets for your website can be equaly diverse. For this you need a website to which a variety of functions can be added. These functions can be adpated to your needs and your wishes.

Common functionalities like image gallery, guest book, contact form, interactive maps etc. are already developed as modules and validated. This safes time and money during the implementation phase. The code modules are conceived in a way that they can be adpated easily to the respective use case.


Intelligent functions Vinzenz Stauner Web Development

Multilingual websites

Multilingual websites Vinzenz Stauner Web Development

To let you always find the right words to your visitors I create multilingual websites on demand. Especially for enterprises and freelancer it gets more and more important to be positioned internationally. Furthermore, a multilingual website makes a very professional impression.

The structure of the website is implemented according to the Google guidelines on multilingual websites so that searching for the website is possible in the respective language.